Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My next TNT event!

I've taken the plunge again - signed up for another Team in Training event. For those of you who don't know, Team in Training is the fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They train you for a specific event, arrange for the travel and the race fee, and throw a couple of parties in celebration of your success. In return, you fundraise a minimum amount. They obviously help you with the fundraising part as they want you to be successful.

My mom is a 12-year of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (stage 4) and I got involved with TNT in 2009 after I finished up with school and licensure. Despite many eyebrow raises and doubts of friends and family, I successfully ran a 1/2 marathon in January 2010 (Rock N Roll Phoenix.) I then got suckered into triathlons and completed my first sprint triathlon in 2010. I've been involved with TNT ever since either through mentoring or just helping out.

So, here I am in a new city and it's time to do a new event. This time I'm getting down and dirty with a mud run in Conyers, GA outside of Atlanta on March 10, 2013.

Since my 1/2 marathon, I've been slacking in the running department. So I'm getting back in the swing of things. I walked a 5K this past weekend over the bridge between South Carolina and Georgia. I've also committed myself to the Couch to 5K program and signed up for a 5K in February to run.

I still love triathlons - so don't get too worried!! The local YMCA only has a 20 yard pool so my swimming skills are getting a bit rusty. And I haven't yet found any good places to ride my bike. BUT I'm back in the gym for weight lifting and spin class. Hey, it's the off season!!

I'm home sick today, so I think I'll spend my time in between blowing my nose to find some local races to focus on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So with my move, I've been a bit more introspective and I've been finding some pretty consistent patterns in my life:
  • I hate to be bored - both at work and at home. But at the same time, while I'm busy, I am just looking forward to the moment I can just sit in front of TV and relax. And then when I'm sitting in front of TV, I'm bored so I start knitting, writing a blog, look up the surf on Tybee Island, or find activities to do around the area. Go figure. 
  • I am a SOCIAL person. You don't become a psychologist if you don't like people. Well, there may be some psychologists out there who isn't passionate about helping people, but not this girl. I like being around people, watching people, and figuring them out. But now that I do it for work, I've found that I really struggle with finding a good social balance in my life. All my friends know, I SUCK at keeping in touch by telephone. I simply have lost the will to talk on the phone after work. And it's often a struggle to push myself to social engagements but I always enjoy it when I do push myself.
  • I continue to struggle with my weight. I've joined Weight Watchers... again. I know everything that I need to do. I'm just going to keep trying to find a way to put all of that knowledge into practice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I need to be physically active. Swimming, biking/spinning, running, dancing, Pilates, Yoga, etc... put some sneakers or googles on me and I'm a happy person. Not that I've actually been physically active since I've been here in Savannah. I also have yet to go to the local YMCA or pull out my sneakers to go walking/running on the beach. I know right? What am I waiting for? More energy. Yet I know I'll have more energy if I go work out. The cycle we can get into sometimes
  • I have bad plane luck. There is always some hickup with every flight that I take. It's inevitable and I have learned to accept it. If I'm flying to visit you, then expect me to arrive the day AFTER I get on the plane. Yeah, so this one doesn't really fit with the others. It doesn't make it less true.
  • I am a positive thinker. I typically have a smile on my face and negative people really turn me off. I don't think I realized how integral a part this is to me until I moved out here. Savannah seems to attract positivity. I think it may be the proximity to the ocean. I feel like I'm with my people!
  • I am content by myself. Thank God, because I'm spending a lot of time by myself. I decided to go to the beach this afternoon just to sit for a moment. On the way back, I stopped by a restaurant and grabbed a beer while reading a book. I've grown very comfortable with doing things and going places by myself. On the other hand, I often wonder if this is the reason why I haven't been successful in a relationship?
Sorry, no picture with today's blog. I should have grabbed a pic today watching the wind surfers play in the windy surf today. Or the beautiful sunset on the intercoastal waterway. Or the little alligators you can feed at the restaurant. Jeez, I really missed out! I'll make sure to grab some soon!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three weeks in Savannah

I've been delaying a new blog post because I didn't think that I had any pictures to share. But my mom made a comment about how long it's been since I've made a blog post and I peeked at my phone's camera, I figured I may have some pics to share. But low and behold, I had more pics than I thought! 'Cause blogs without pics are frankly just a bit boring.

So during my first week here in Savannah, I spent the week trying to set up the apartment. But first, I spent an afternoon with my favorite beer that's not available in Kentucky:

*GASP* A beer with lunch!
I grabbed this beer at Uncle Bubba's here on Wilmington Island. Why does that name sound so familiar, you ask? Because Bubba is Paula Deen's brother. I had a lovely discussion with the waitress who informed me that I was now a "local" and am eligible for a loyalty card. And then gave me some tips on where the cool "local" spots are. I'm getting the feeling that being "local" is status around here...

After the beer and some waves (yeah, I bought myself a bogey board,) I settled in at home to do some building... building IKEA furniture!!!

Step on of the chest of drawers
And here is the final version... sorry of the lighting. I'm no professional.
The final version
By the time I got to this, I was a pro!

But don't worry, I didn't spend all my time inside. I did get to manage to get to the beach and work on my tan and my bogey boarding skills almost daily. 
Pretty lighthouse on Tybee Island
First day on the beach
Three weeks into settling into my new apartment, things are going really well. I'm heading to Charleston, SC tomorrow to complete a three day orientation for work (never mind I've been working for the same company for 6 years now.) I've already started off really well at work and enjoy a lot of the people I work with. It's a nice environment and so far I haven't identified a back-stabbing untrustworthy co-worker. But I'm keeping my eyes open.

And my parents have arrived! They've settled into Hilton Head Island. They visited yesterday and helped me put up some pictures and helped find some great accessories for the apartment. It's really beginning to feel like home now, thanks to their help!!

I promise to be a little more diligent about taking pictures and updating the blog! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Holy crap, I've moved to Savannah!

I'm one of those people where it takes a while for things to really sit in. Today, I finally completed all my IKEA projects and unpacked all my boxes. A little clean up and my apartment is finally MY apartment. It's not a partially moved in place that resembled a hotel.

But it also means that I'm finally settled in and it's finally  hitting me that I'm now living in Savannah. I was petting Turtle this afternoon, thinking that I needed to take her to the hot veterinarian and realized that I would no longer be seeing him (or the pictures of his five sons and wife) anymore.

And then I got my first "regular" Friday email from Ashley (who likely never reads this blog) updating me on all the fun that I've been missing at work and stories from Lexington.

Having unpacked and finally having a moment to breath... it means that I actually have a moment to breath and think that I've made such a huge change in my life. I'm living in a new city where I know no one. OK, that's not exactly true. I know four people, one kid, and one dog. All in my apartment complex.

So  there's really nothing I can do now but enjoy it. I have two days to relax and then on Monday I drive up to Charleston to check in at the Mother Ship. Tuesday is my first day at my new work with my new coworkers.

If you hear a little fear, sadness, and nervousness in this blog, then you're astute. I guess you can say that it's normal considering that I've up and moved myself to a new city where I know no one.

Only... my parents arrive next week! They'll be in Hilton Head for two months vacationing - planned a year before I even knew that there was a job opening here in Savannah.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running Around Savannah

I feel like the last week has been nothing but running around - first packing everything up and moving to Savannah and the past couple days here in Savannah. I drove to Savannah on Saturday and it was a relatively easy drive. It took Zoe (dog) 2 hours to relax enough to lie down as she's just a nervous nelly. But Turtle (cat) was pretty laid back.

Sunday was one of the most boring days I have ever experienced. I headed to the beach pretty early thinking I may have some trouble finding a parking place. I bought myself a small beach chair and a bogey board. Yes, I'm 5 years old. However, I'm the 5 year-old who is enjoying herself in the ocean everyday. I'm unabashedly being a kid about this!!

After 4 hours, my skin was beginning to burn so I headed home around 1:00 pm. And I had NOTHING to do. I've read about 5 books in the past week and finished 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls. So I headed on out to beautiful downtown Savannah. It was raining a bit but still checked out a few squares and a knitting store. Then headed to another knitting store where I met my new best friends: Glenda and Linda (?) - I'm so bad with names! They were super nice and their store was perfect! I have found my knitting home!

Monday was crazy busy... the ReloCubes showed up at 9:30, the mover (note the singular despite the fact that I paid for 2) came at 10:45, the washer and dryer were delivered at 12:15 and the cable guy set up my internet and TV at 2:45. I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking. I'm pretty much done with the kitchen and living room. But I still have soooo much more to do. Thus the procrastination.

Today I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. I headed to the DMV for a new Driver's License and the tag agency for a new license plate. I found out I was missing a whole bunch of documents for the license. And that I was missing my car registration. As in, I don't have it in my car. As in, what the hell?? So I came home, printed off a form, went to the bank to have it notarized, and sent if off to the Fayette County clerk's office so that I can get that registration in the next couple of weeks. I returned to the DMV office with all my documents... only to find out that I was missing my Social Security Card. I headed to the Social Security Administration office to find that their line was even longer than the DMV. So I headed to Office Depot to see if I couldn't print off some documents to make the DMV happen. Nope, just didn't work out. And I just wasn't willing to make another trip home.

Instead, I went shopping! I got my hair cut, found a new sofa (and a new friend, Nick, who's going to get me 25% off my new sofa!), picked up some new things for my apartment, and made a new friend at the liquor store. It just so happened that he was needing a new Driver's License as well. So I whipped out my DMV requirements check list and had a little chat with him. I also got my parking pass for the beach - non-stop bathing, bogey boarding, and pestering the seagulls!!!

People in Savannah are amazingly friendly. My neighbor, Jerry, was the first to come visit. He's a veteran from the National Guard (although was active duty for 6 years.) He goes to the VA in Charleston to see his therapist. Then Peggy came to introduce herself. She's been living here for 2 years and has two happy (but sweet!) pups who had a field day barking at Zoe at 6 am. And then there's Mary who stopped me in the driveway to ask for my boxes and gave me her card. Everyone says hello when they walk by you - even in the city!!

Now I'm procrastinating by writing this blog. Tomorrow will come soon enough. DMV will be my first stop and then I'll be back to set up my new IKEA furniture and put away the rest of my things.

Thanks for reading and don't feel shy about leaving a comment!! Just saying...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Great Sendoff from Lexington

The past week has been really focused on packing up and leaving Lexington. As I write this morning, I'm sitting in a very empty office - the diplomas on the walls are gone, the books packed up, and all personal items have disappeared into moving boxes. The only thing that remains is a small rug which I'm tempted to just leave behind...

Last Friday, my co-workers took me out to my favorite Italian restaurants - Belle Notte - the site of many work-related celebrations. And it was a great dinner. Between the wonderful glasses of Chateau Saint Michelle Riesling (yummy!), the tasty cake you see below, goodbye gifts, and a wonderful presentation on how Savannah is just not as great as Lexington. It was a clever attempt at reminding me and try and convince me to stay in Lexington. It did give me some second thoughts...again...

It tasted as good as it looked!
But alas, the plans are in place and changing my mind is very difficult at this point.

Saturday was spent packing. Oh, how I hate packing. I don't mind unpacking - watching my apartment take on a personality is so much fun - but seeing all of my personal items disappear... it's just sad. My apartment is just sad. And it is amazing how many muscles that are utilized in packing that never get used otherwise. I could barely move Saturday night. I had only one night for recovery as the slushy ride was planned the next day.

Slushy Ride, you ask? As it really does deserve capitals. Yes, the Slushy Ride. It's a bike ride that starts at our coach's home and goes out to Boyd's Orchard, around a 25 mile bike ride in all. I met the Team in Training crew near my home (cutting down the mileage a little) and headed out to Boyd's where they have... wait for it... slushies!!! Their peach slushy is the best thing for recovery from the hilly ride out there.

Boyd's orchard with the TNT crew
While I was huffing and puffing my way up and down the hills of Kentucky, there was a lot of nostalgia. I was thinking about how the beauty of the countryside of Kentucky, the hills which I learned to love, and the runs that I conquered along the route. I'm really going to miss this place.

Coming to Kentucky, I was finishing up my last year of school (internship) and beginning to look forward towards my career. Now, six years later, my career is strong and going well and I have a life outside of school. I have had so much support from the wonderful people at work and the great friends I've made through Team in Training. I have grown so much.

So the next chapter of my life begins soon. My apartment will be packed into the ReloCubes this evening. Zoe (dog,) Turtle (cat,) and I will be heading down to Savannah on Saturday to move into our new apartment. I'll be 15 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from downtown Savannah. I have a second bedroom which I hope will be well utilized by all the friends I've made in Lexington. And all you old friends... yeah, you're invited, too!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New adventure in Savannah

So my big news lately is my sudden and somewhat unexpected move to Savannah, Georgia. I've been thinking about moving for a while now. Lexington has been a somewhat temporary home. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Lexington. It has a great atmosphere, lots to do, and I have met the most wonderful people. I have to say that I really grew both professionally and personally while in Lexington. I finished up my Ph.D., started my career, and jumped into being in charge of the internship there. All while I trained and completed my first half marathon and triathlon. Looking back, I think I will always have very fond memories of Lexington.

I feel incredibly comfortable in Lexington. I have good friends. I have a hairdresser I like, a vet I trust, a kennel my animals love, and activities that keep me busy. So, what else could I possibly want?? Lexington has never felt like home. I'm not sure Savannah will be like home, but I know that Lexington isn't. I want to push myself again and try something new in a new place. And I want to be closer to my family.

I'm currently sitting in the airport at the Lexington airport on my way to Savannah for the first time. I've never been there!! My parents have vacationed in Hilton Head and I imagine that Savannah has a similar feel. Maybe not... I'll find out soon enough!!

I'll be looking for apartments to rent. It's a new adventure and I'm pretty darn excited. It's going to be hard to leave Lexington behind but I am looking forward to something new!!!