Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Great Sendoff from Lexington

The past week has been really focused on packing up and leaving Lexington. As I write this morning, I'm sitting in a very empty office - the diplomas on the walls are gone, the books packed up, and all personal items have disappeared into moving boxes. The only thing that remains is a small rug which I'm tempted to just leave behind...

Last Friday, my co-workers took me out to my favorite Italian restaurants - Belle Notte - the site of many work-related celebrations. And it was a great dinner. Between the wonderful glasses of Chateau Saint Michelle Riesling (yummy!), the tasty cake you see below, goodbye gifts, and a wonderful presentation on how Savannah is just not as great as Lexington. It was a clever attempt at reminding me and try and convince me to stay in Lexington. It did give me some second thoughts...again...

It tasted as good as it looked!
But alas, the plans are in place and changing my mind is very difficult at this point.

Saturday was spent packing. Oh, how I hate packing. I don't mind unpacking - watching my apartment take on a personality is so much fun - but seeing all of my personal items disappear... it's just sad. My apartment is just sad. And it is amazing how many muscles that are utilized in packing that never get used otherwise. I could barely move Saturday night. I had only one night for recovery as the slushy ride was planned the next day.

Slushy Ride, you ask? As it really does deserve capitals. Yes, the Slushy Ride. It's a bike ride that starts at our coach's home and goes out to Boyd's Orchard, around a 25 mile bike ride in all. I met the Team in Training crew near my home (cutting down the mileage a little) and headed out to Boyd's where they have... wait for it... slushies!!! Their peach slushy is the best thing for recovery from the hilly ride out there.

Boyd's orchard with the TNT crew
While I was huffing and puffing my way up and down the hills of Kentucky, there was a lot of nostalgia. I was thinking about how the beauty of the countryside of Kentucky, the hills which I learned to love, and the runs that I conquered along the route. I'm really going to miss this place.

Coming to Kentucky, I was finishing up my last year of school (internship) and beginning to look forward towards my career. Now, six years later, my career is strong and going well and I have a life outside of school. I have had so much support from the wonderful people at work and the great friends I've made through Team in Training. I have grown so much.

So the next chapter of my life begins soon. My apartment will be packed into the ReloCubes this evening. Zoe (dog,) Turtle (cat,) and I will be heading down to Savannah on Saturday to move into our new apartment. I'll be 15 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from downtown Savannah. I have a second bedroom which I hope will be well utilized by all the friends I've made in Lexington. And all you old friends... yeah, you're invited, too!!

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