Goals for 2012 - Update

It's December 2012 - time for reflection and to start making some new goals for 2013.

1. work on this blog

I imagine that blogs take a while to develop. So my goal is to either post or add something to the blog almost every day initially. Perhaps I'll be able to reduce the time needed to blog down the road... who knows. But I want to stick with this!!

OK, so updating this blog every day was sooo not going to happen. But it's been a year and I still have a blog and I'm still updating it. So, it's better than nothing.

2. learn to cook healthy

Part of balancing my life, I have figured out that more of my meals need to be made from scratch vs. buying processed frozen meals. I like the convenience of frozen meals as I'm not particularly fond of cooking. Rather, I'm not particularly good at cooking. I've signed up for some cooking classes at the Wholesome Chef - 4 classes over 4 Saturdays. I'm hoping that this will give me a jump start to complete #3.

These classes were great - they really did get me into the right swing of things. I'm eating much healthier and have been able to expand my cooking repertoire. But since my move to Savannah, I have slid back a bit to the frozen lunches. 

3. make more of my meals from scratch

This is really just an additional step to #2. It's not going to be enough to learn about how to make health meals, I need to actually change my lifestyle... again. This is the hard part!!

See above - this goal is being rolled over to next year

4. continue to lose weight through nutrition and exercise

The key here is going to be consistency. Even when I plateau and stop losing weight, I need to keep going and pushing myself. Luckily as the weather turns warm, I just love being outside in any way that I can so that consistency will be easy. It's from November to February that's difficult.

I've signed up for Weight Watchers and still working on this one. Never giving up!

5. ride up 2 specific hills at the Irongirl Atlanta triathlon (I walked up these hills last year on the bike stretch)

My weight-loss through nutrition changes started on May 23, 2011 officially when I signed up for a physician assisted weight loss program. I completed the Irongirl Atlanta the weekend right before. There were two hills on the bike course that I walked up (along with the majority of other females.) But I had just psyched myself out - I really think I could have ridden them. So this will be the year. I'll weigh less and be in better shape. Lake Lanier hills,  here I come!!!

This one complete!!!

6. recover from all my aches and pains (shoulder, hip, feet)

I have tendinitis in my shoulder and plantar fascitis in my feet. I have no idea what is wrong with my hip but it hurts. All of these things are on the right side of my body... what's up with that? The weight loss has certainly  helped with  the plantar fascitits so I'm hopefully this will go away this year!!

My body is doing much better. The chiropractor really didn't help but some rest and relaxation has helped. I do need to get my shoulder back into shape. One step at a time, I guess.

7. run a 5K

While I'm not a runner, I do enjoy running at times. And I think it would be nice to get back out there and train for a 5K.

Well, it's December, but I'm on the Couch to 5K plan!

8. stick to my budget

I'm lucky in that I am doing well financially. I'm single and can afford my lifestyle. But there are always gadgets and goals (vacation in Hawaii!) that I'm working towards so sticking to my budget will help me get there.

My budget was blown by my move to Savannah... but I was really good until then!

9. reduce my knitting stash

Dear lord, my knitting stash has grown this year. Every year I want to just knit from the yarn that I have and every year this doesn't happen. So now I'm writing this down as a goal. I need to complete projects that are started and avoid the yarn stores...

This has successful!

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