Friday, August 24, 2012

Holy crap, I've moved to Savannah!

I'm one of those people where it takes a while for things to really sit in. Today, I finally completed all my IKEA projects and unpacked all my boxes. A little clean up and my apartment is finally MY apartment. It's not a partially moved in place that resembled a hotel.

But it also means that I'm finally settled in and it's finally  hitting me that I'm now living in Savannah. I was petting Turtle this afternoon, thinking that I needed to take her to the hot veterinarian and realized that I would no longer be seeing him (or the pictures of his five sons and wife) anymore.

And then I got my first "regular" Friday email from Ashley (who likely never reads this blog) updating me on all the fun that I've been missing at work and stories from Lexington.

Having unpacked and finally having a moment to breath... it means that I actually have a moment to breath and think that I've made such a huge change in my life. I'm living in a new city where I know no one. OK, that's not exactly true. I know four people, one kid, and one dog. All in my apartment complex.

So  there's really nothing I can do now but enjoy it. I have two days to relax and then on Monday I drive up to Charleston to check in at the Mother Ship. Tuesday is my first day at my new work with my new coworkers.

If you hear a little fear, sadness, and nervousness in this blog, then you're astute. I guess you can say that it's normal considering that I've up and moved myself to a new city where I know no one.

Only... my parents arrive next week! They'll be in Hilton Head for two months vacationing - planned a year before I even knew that there was a job opening here in Savannah.


  1. Take a deep breath and curl up with a copy of "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil". No seriously, moves are a great ways to really tear yourself out of your comfort zone. From the looks of you page, that is something you like to do. Keep up all the great momentum you have created in your life and embrace the change as the next positive step. I look forward to hearing more about it!!! Rock it! :)

    1. Oh, I'm so out of my comfort zone - but you're completely right, I needed/wanted this. I started listening to the book on my drive to Savannah and I plan on finishing it up this weekend sitting along the beach. Thank for the kind comment!!