Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So with my move, I've been a bit more introspective and I've been finding some pretty consistent patterns in my life:
  • I hate to be bored - both at work and at home. But at the same time, while I'm busy, I am just looking forward to the moment I can just sit in front of TV and relax. And then when I'm sitting in front of TV, I'm bored so I start knitting, writing a blog, look up the surf on Tybee Island, or find activities to do around the area. Go figure. 
  • I am a SOCIAL person. You don't become a psychologist if you don't like people. Well, there may be some psychologists out there who isn't passionate about helping people, but not this girl. I like being around people, watching people, and figuring them out. But now that I do it for work, I've found that I really struggle with finding a good social balance in my life. All my friends know, I SUCK at keeping in touch by telephone. I simply have lost the will to talk on the phone after work. And it's often a struggle to push myself to social engagements but I always enjoy it when I do push myself.
  • I continue to struggle with my weight. I've joined Weight Watchers... again. I know everything that I need to do. I'm just going to keep trying to find a way to put all of that knowledge into practice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I need to be physically active. Swimming, biking/spinning, running, dancing, Pilates, Yoga, etc... put some sneakers or googles on me and I'm a happy person. Not that I've actually been physically active since I've been here in Savannah. I also have yet to go to the local YMCA or pull out my sneakers to go walking/running on the beach. I know right? What am I waiting for? More energy. Yet I know I'll have more energy if I go work out. The cycle we can get into sometimes
  • I have bad plane luck. There is always some hickup with every flight that I take. It's inevitable and I have learned to accept it. If I'm flying to visit you, then expect me to arrive the day AFTER I get on the plane. Yeah, so this one doesn't really fit with the others. It doesn't make it less true.
  • I am a positive thinker. I typically have a smile on my face and negative people really turn me off. I don't think I realized how integral a part this is to me until I moved out here. Savannah seems to attract positivity. I think it may be the proximity to the ocean. I feel like I'm with my people!
  • I am content by myself. Thank God, because I'm spending a lot of time by myself. I decided to go to the beach this afternoon just to sit for a moment. On the way back, I stopped by a restaurant and grabbed a beer while reading a book. I've grown very comfortable with doing things and going places by myself. On the other hand, I often wonder if this is the reason why I haven't been successful in a relationship?
Sorry, no picture with today's blog. I should have grabbed a pic today watching the wind surfers play in the windy surf today. Or the beautiful sunset on the intercoastal waterway. Or the little alligators you can feed at the restaurant. Jeez, I really missed out! I'll make sure to grab some soon!!

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  1. I am so glad you found a place that fits. I felt that way with each move I've made, each more right than the last. If I am not done, it's okay because I am so much closer than ever.

    You have great energy and I know you will figure out how to handle the challenges. You've already got a big one covered. You are happy being alone. To me, that means you are happy. Period. There is always room in life for improvement but in your heart, happiness is king. Great post!